Maintenance Solution for the Producing Industry

Take maintenance operations to the new level and provide remote assistance for machine operators and maintenance technicians.

Reduce Unplanned Downtimes

oculavis SHARE is your troubleshooting tool when it comes to unplanned machine stoppages. By connecting live to the operators field of view, problems can be solved faster and the overall effectiveness of machinery and equipment can be improved.

Scheduled Maintenance

Save time in scheduled maintenance tasks and make use of the advanced documentation features of oculavis SHARE. Wrap it all up in maintenance cases, create reports or connect existing asset management systems.

Permit to Work

Executing maintenance operations in hazardous environments usually requires a permit to work. This is often realized by a cross-eye principle. With oculavis SHARE this scenario can easily be improved by having an expert with you all the time.

Continuous Improvement

Get the most of your workers ideas! Capture improvement suggestions with image and video documentation right where they emerge - in the daily processes with machines, work stations and alike.

Production Ramp Ups

Ramping up production lines or complete new facilities in another country can cause high travel expenses for experts that support this process. With oculavis SHARE a faster ramp-up can be realized by supporting this process remotely.


Also any kind of audit process is typically associated with travelling. With the advanced documentation feautures of oculavis SHARE product or process audits can be conducted remotely.

Advantages for maintenance operations

Improve first time fix rates

Solve simple problems with machines and equipment directly by providing remote support with augmented reality, smart glasses and oculavis SHARE.

Higher safety

Ensure your technicians' safety in critical maintenance operations by having a remote expert always with you.

Increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Get the most our of your production equipment by reducing machine downtimes in planned and unplanned maintenance operations with oculavis SHARE.
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