Remote Assist and Augmented Reality Workflows for the Industry

Remote guidance for visually connecting experts, technicians and end users of machinery & equipment all over the world. Self guidance with Augmented Reality workflows and step-by-step instructions to make technical knowledge directly accessible without calling an expert.

We are redefining interactions with machinery and equipment!

Machine Service

oculavis SHARE is designed to take customer support for machine manufacturers to the next level. Stop traveling the world for service and establish digital business models. Provide machine documentation via Augmented Reality to your end users or connect live to your customers' point of view and solve problems remotely.
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Maintenance Operations

In maintenance operations oculavis SHARE is used to reduce machine downtimes, increase first-time-fix-rates and boost the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of your production equipment in place. Stop losing productivity and take maintenance operations to the next level with oculavis SHARE.
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Partners in the Spotlight

oculavis SHARE and 5G at Wayra Tech Lab of Telefonica

[02:11] Together with our partner Telefonica, we present use cases of augmented reality and 5G at the Wayra Tech Lab in Munich. Our colleague Nilda Eping explains what it is about and what advantages 5G brings for the future of augmented reality powered work.

Product News

Explore interactive step-by-step instruction with the workflow module in oculavis SHARE

[14:44] oculavis SHARE Workflow module

Product News

Augmented reality powered asset information in oculavis SHARE

[06:54] oculavis SHARE AR Editor & Viewer

Product News

Augmented reality video calls for remote x

[08:13] Visual assistance in oculavis SHARE


Feature rich solution

Remote video support, step-by-step instructions and augmented reality content for machines and plants represent our core modules. A variety of management features allow to embed oculavis SHARE in your operational processes to get the most out of your use cases.
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Discover the possibilities on how to integrate our remote support solution with your existing IT landscape. For the purposes of data exchange, Single Sign On (SSO) and automated workflows with CRM systems or service management solutions.
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Cloud & On Premise

We offer the most flexible deployment options. No matter if you want to run oculavis SHARE on your local infrastructure or easily deploy your dedicated instance in the cloud. We meet your requirements.
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Device Agnostic

The software platform oculavis SHARE runs on all devices. From desktop PCs and laptops over tablets and smartphones down to smart glasses. It runs on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android powered hardware.
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