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February 9, 2022

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oculavis 5G research innovation project 5G Furios
Together with the Chair of Digital Communication Systems at Ruhr University Bochum, SMS Digital GmbH, oculavis GmbH and Telekommunikation Mittleres Ruhrgebiet GmbH, PHYSEC GmbH is working on the 5G-Furios research project.

Motivation and background

With the enactment of the GDPR in 2018, the relevance of data protection in Europe has been enshrined in law. This is the starting point of the project, which provides for the development and design of a tactile and highly available 5G end-to-end infrastructure for the use cases Remote Assistance as well as Worker Safety. The capabilities of the 5G mobile standard are key to new use cases in various industries.

Using 5G and the low latency of video and data transmission, dangerous situations can be better controlled and perceived, preventing accidents. The next situation is associated with increasing data breaches. Technicians are often on-site with customers during remote assistance missions, and the use of cameras means that bystanders can be filmed.

Goal of the innovation project

The goal of the project is to enable services that rely on guarantees to communications (e.g., latency). An important milestone is to measure maximum latencies for dangerous situations in order to verify which requirement has to be reached for a Safety Proofed Remote Assistance Call. To this end, efficient and effective algorithms for face and person pixelation will be explored. The project also envisages testing and further development of digital systems for operational safety and plant monitoring.

The approach: Edge computing, at the heart of the 5th generation of mobile communications, is a concept based on the decentralized distribution of computing, storage and control services. The low latency enables advanced video analytics and adjustments to be implemented in live images in remote assistance solutions.

About the consortium

PHYSEC GmbH: Specializes in applied cryptography in the Internet of Things and contributes its expertise in IoT security to the consortium.
SMS digital: Already provides comprehensive software and data-based services for steel mill operators.
oculavis GmbH: In this project, oculavis will focus on the development of data protection algorithms for industrial use. The focus here is on the recognition and bluring of faces or persons.
Telekommunikation Mittleres Ruhrgebiet GmbH (TMR): With already 25 years of practical experience, they have their own fiber optic network. TMR also operates data centers in Bochum and Herne.
Chair of Digital Communication Systems (DKS) at Ruhr University Bochum: The chair has already done a lot of preliminary work in the area of mathematical optimization, as well as information coding and processing in the context of digital transmission channels with a focus on wireless networks.

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