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24th of October 2020

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The multiple award-winning Augmented Reality based remote support platform oculavis SHARE is extended by a new module to assist workshop staff, technicians and engineers in complex or unfamiliar tasks. Together with leading partners form the manufacturing industry, oculavis was able to develop a new approach to creating and managing technical machine documentation. Through discussions with service technicians, shop floor workers, trainers and technical editors we identified a need for a straightforward and simple system to create instructions and share them with co-workers and customers easily. More specifically our pilot customers and partners are using the brand new workflow module in oculavis SHARE to tackle a variety of challenges, including but not limited to:

  • Record and transfer knowledge on the shop floor or in the field
  • Convert frequent service requests into quick help guides
  • Build a customer service app with machine specific up-to-date documentation
  • Create reports through integrated checklists and media documentation

Record and transfer knowledge on the shop floor

The mechanical engineering industry is dealing with continuously high fluctuation in manufacturing and service jobs. The need to train new employees quickly and effectively is substantial for ensuring a continuous knowledge transfer throughout the workforce. The industry is moving away from paper-based instructions towards digital, intelligent systems. These systems offer new kinds of content for training your workforce and simplify the management of complex documentation structures.

The new workflows module is tailored towards your service technicians and production workers. They can now easily record their knowledge and make it available to others with a few clicks. A new workflow can easily be shared with others on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets or smart glasses. Workers may be guided through videos, annotated images, PDF documents all with added textual explanations in a clear and simple app layout. Feedback can be gathered through checklists, questions and answers or captured photos and videos. This information is then stored in a report so that you do not need to worry about tedious documentation tasks.

Convert frequent service request into quick help guides

Consider the average support call at one of your company service hotlines today. In many cases the knowledge transferred in these one-on-one interactions is lost after a service request has been completed. Many of those calls occur again and again, leaving service employees frustrated.

Our customers already use our remote support solution to assist technicians around the globe. If a support session is recorded, high quality, annotated video material is created that may be re-used. With the integrated workflows module in oculavis SHARE you can make the most of your recorded remote support video calls. With a few clicks you can create a step-by-step guidance instruction. You can even create an interactive instruction by adding questions and checklists, to receive detailed feedback on the results of the completed tasks.

Build a customer service app with machine specific up-to-date documentation

Customers from the manufacturing industry e.g. machine tool builders, are required to ship a complete, normed and consistent documentation with every machine sold. Building this documentation and keeping it up to date is a tedious recurring task. With the new workflow module in oculavis SHARE you can easily compile a new interactive workflow from existing documentation. Once your documentation is shipped to the customer, you can release updates and notify the customer in real-time. This also includes a permission management for different stakeholders. In the future, by combining the workflows and our existing asset relationship management modules, machine manufacturers and their customers will be able to store and access this documentation from a single machine instance on the oculavis SHARE platform.

Create maintenance reports through integrated checklists and media documentation

Besides instructional content, the machine documentation also contains forms for regular tasks like set-up procedures or maintenance plans. After the initial handover of the documentation very little information on the execution of procedures is stored and even fewer information is transferred back to the machine manufacturer.

Machine manufacturers are now empowered to create and distribute forms in a simple to use service app. Elements like questions, checklists and photo reports can be used to collect valuable information from the user. This information is then stored within the new module in oculavis SHARE as a report, which may be shared with co-workers, suppliers or customers. This feature is particularly helpful for maintenance tasks, repair job reports, permits to work and audits.

Do you want to be among the first with early access?

Start your free trial today and evaluate the capabilities of the brand new workflow module for your own use cases. If you would like to get more detailed information, please feel free to contact us or book a live demo.

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