The Future of Field Service – More than 100 field service leaders join the kick-off event in the United States

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July 31, 2022

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To celebrate the opening of oculavis first U.S. offices in Chicago, oculavis joined forces with other local scale-ups like MARKT-PILOT and Fast Radius to host the Future of Field Service Conference for Field Service and After-Sales leaders. The event was a remarkable success thanks to more than 100 field service and after-sales leaders and insightful keynotes by speakers from academia, industry specialists and innovation experts.

Spotlight on Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Additive Manufacturing (AM)

The first Future of Field Service conference focused on the use of emergent technology drivers to address today’s field service and after-sales challenges. The event emphasized on three drivers, Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Additive Manufacturing (AM).

oculavis SHARE is the AR service platform to provide professional remote support for any type of machinery and equipment. No travel required. oculavis helps its customers reduce travel expenses and machine downtimes effectively. The company has become a market leader for AR remote support in Europe signing up more than 200 customers, including global machinery, plant engineering and manufacturing industries companies like Siemens, TRUMPF, BOSCH, MAN, and Linde.

oculavis SHARE - The modular AR Platform for the idnustry
Live Demonstration of oculavis SHARE’s Troubleshooting Capabilities - on the shop floor of the MxD in Chicago

MARKT-PILOT helps machine and equipment manufacturers increase parts revenue, profit, and customer loyalty using aftermarket intelligence. Using artificial intelligence and data analytics, MARKT-PILOT’s solution reveals competitor prices and lead times for after-sales parts portfolios. Thanks to Alex Morbe and Tim Geyer from MARKT-PILOT for sharing their story with the audience.

Fast Radius applies additive manufacturing to revolutionize after-sales parts manufacturing. Using 3D printing technology, they are able deliver unprecedented manufacturing freedom, creating new value propositions in after-sales and service. Special thanks to John Nanry, Co-founder, and COO of Fast Radius, who shared insights on Fast Radius technology at the event.

TRUMPF – Near-zero machine downtime with smart services

Service technicians are a scarce resource in the current labor market as machine and equipment manufacturers struggle to attract and retain talent. At the same time, customers expect consistently high service quality and support. TRUMPF, the manufacturer of machine tools, and leader in laser technology, electronics, and power tools, employs more than 500 service technicians in North America.

In her inspiring presentation Dr. Christine Benz, Director of AfterSales and SmartServices at TRUMPF North America, described the journey of TRUMPF to transform their digital service portfolio and attract new talent. She shared the success story of their global instant support app TRUMPF Visual Assist, a white labeling of oculavis SHARE, that enable the company to achieve near-zero machine downtime with their customers and provides an innovative remote support offering for TRUMPF customers across the world.
Near-zero machine downtime with smart services[37:36] Presentation by TRUMPF North America during the Future of Field Service Conference powered by oculavis Inc.

oculavis SHARE - Mission Critical AR Operator Support

Following Dr. Benz presentation, participants received an in-depth demo of the oculavis SHARE platform. A real scenario showing a machine failure on the MxD shop floor was solved by our expert Alex, who remotely guided and operator to troubleshoot the issue and successfully brought the machine back to life. Alex also gave a preview of the development roadmap and upcoming releases until the end of the year.
Live Expert Support at the Future of Field Service 2022[19:1] Alex Schwabbauer at the Future of Field Service 2022 about oculavis SHARE, remote use cases and live application example on the MxD's shop floor.

The Boston Consulting Group and MARKT-PILOT – How leading OEMs build robust pricing capabilities for parts amid cost surges and high inflation

Rohan Kadaika shared insights on the how OEMs can develop pricing strategies for spare parts amid cost surges and high inflation. Rohan is a partner at Boston Consulting group and one of the leaders in BCG’s B2B pricing practice. In a fireside with Alex Morbe from MARKT-PILOT he revealed the challenges in pricing spare parts competitively while maximizing revenue and profit in this traditionally cost intensive industry.

FoFS Rohan BBC
Rohan Kadakia, Partner at Boston Consulting Group in the Fireside Chat with MARKT-PILOT

Thorsten Wuest – The road to servitization of industrial assets & the role of smart manufacturing technologies

Thorsten Wuest is an associate professor at West Virginia University and globally recognized as one of SME’s 20 most influential professors in smart manufacturing. In addition to publishing his work in the premier academic outlets of his field, he was featured by Forbes, Futurism, IndustryWeek, WEF, CBC Radio, and WMF. Thorsten casted an academic view onto the development of field service and after-sales business models. He highlighted the challenges with building subscription-based, pay-per-use and pay-per-outcome business models.

You can read about the recap of the event by MARKT-PILOT here: MARKT-PILOT Recap

The audience feedback was overwhelmingly positive as more than 100 participants joined in to view the first addition of the future of field service conference 2022. Thank you to all speakers for making this event extra special.

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