Augmented Reality Remote Support as a digital business model in intralogistics

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20th of April 2020

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The GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group has successfully established a digital business model in after sales service with SmartGlass Remote Service. The Augmented Support solution of oculavis contributes to a more efficient fault diagnosis and troubleshooting of intralogistics systems. As a result, GEBHARDT expects a reduction of short-term troubleshooting operations by up to 37%.

Reasons for the implementation of Augmented Support

There were several reasons for the implementation of Augmented Reality Remote Support. Marco Gebhardt, CEO and managing director, names as the main reason the customer benefits generated by Augmented Support, in which machine downtimes are minimized and travel costs are saved.

Marco Gebhardt CEO Intralogistics Augmented Reality
With the Augmented Reality solution from oculavis we create a close network between customer, service technician and internal experts and thus we ensure an optimal cooperation at this point to increase productivity", says Marco Gebhardt, CEO and managing director, about the introduction.

Furthermore, the internal service processes should be reconsidered and sensibly digitized. Instead of sending a service technician on an analog trip, the use of digital technologies should be used to identify and solve customer problems remotely. In this way, personnel capacities can be used more efficiently and service technicians can be called out on assignments where the end customer cannot solve the problem himself.
In addition, the existing service contracts in after-sales service should be expanded to create new attractive customer offers.

New revenue streams with digital services

GEBHARDT provides its customers a comprehensive support in case of a malfunction or breakdown. The service product SmartGlass is offered as an add-on to the remote service contract, which regulates the period and the reaction time for failure handling.

Philipp Sigmann Service Gebhardt Intralogistics SmartGlass
The live video transmission from the customer's point of view gives us the opportunity to capture the type of failure faster and in more detail. Using AR functions, we can show our customers instructions for problem solving as needed," says Philipp Sigmann, Head of After Sales Service, summarizing the advantages.

GEBHARDT SmartGlass is an Augmented Remote Support platform, which enables direct communication with video transmission between GEBHARDT and its customers. The new digital service gives the expert the possibility of a video live connection to the customer's system, whereby a better quality of the troubleshooting is achieved. Instead of a traditional hotline conversation in which the expert is dependent on the error description of the customer, the GEBHARDT expert looks at the customer's installation by means of a tablet, smartphone or smart glasses of the customer and can lead the machine operator on site with the correct instructions directly to the problem solution. With screenshots or video recordings the problem solution can be documented and the developed knowledge can be made accessible.

Why oculavis SHARE?

GEBHARDT decided for oculavis SHARE due to the transparent license and price model. With floating licenses GEBHARDT can activate an unlimited number of users and generate new revenues with the access to oculavis SHARE. This makes the development of a business model highly interesting and scalable.
The leading manufacturer of system solutions for internal logistics also mentions the user interface as another important reason. The intuitive and user-centric menu navigation facilitates and accelerates the training period of new users.
oculavis SHARE offers a maximum of flexibility for GEBHARDT as it is designed for different devices. The software solution works on any device as a web application for PC and laptop, as a native iOS and Android application for smartphones and tablets and as a dedicated application for smart glasses, which are included in the service package on customer request.

Added value for GEBHARDT and end customers

The use of Augmented Reality based remote support creates advantages for providers and end customers equally. GEBHARDT customers profit from an optimal fault diagnosis and troubleshooting in technical customer service. Costs are decreased by the reduction of on-site operations. At the same time, downtimes can be minimized due to eliminated travel times.
GEBHARDT has successfully established a digital business model which generates additional revenues in after sales service. At the same time, personnel capacities for experts in the hotline as well as for service technicians in the field can be used in the best possible way. On the basis of current evaluations, GEBHARDT expects a reduction of troubleshooting operations by up to 37% and an increase of the helpdesk efficiency by up to 26% within one business year through the implementation of SmartGlass Remote Service.

Workflows for carrying out maintenance and assembly work as an outlook

GEBHARDT has numerous internal case-specific video sequences, such as repair sequences for the replacement of defective components. Currently, the explanatory videos are provided in the remote call by the expert via the screen sharing function. In the future, this process can run much more efficiently with the new workflow module in oculavis SHARE, without having to contact the expert. Thus, selected workflows with the explanatory videos can be provided directly via the module to guide service technicians step by step through the process when performing maintenance and assembly work. New workflow material can also be created, edited and structured via the module. The integrated feedback function serves as a quality control tool to improve the provided material thanks to direct feedback from the field.

Next Generation Intralogistics

The GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group was founded in 1952 as a mechanical engineering company and has a long experience in the development and production of system solutions for internal logistics. The company offers comprehensive solution packages of products and services for transport and assembly systems as well as warehouse, sorting and distribution technology worldwide. GEBHARDT solutions are used in various industries such as electronics & electrical, beverage & food, automotive, chemical & pharmaceutical and many more.

Contact to GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group

GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group
Neulandstraße 28
74889 Sinsheim
Tel. +49 7261 939 0

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